gillian_kempI am listed on the Internet as one of “The Top Ten Psychics in the World.” As an internationally acclaimed best-selling author and clairvoyant, I am able to prophesize the future using astrology, tarot cards, playing cards, crystal balls, palmistry, tea-leaves, flowers and dreams. As a medium, I may also receive messages from friends and relatives who have passed on. I am still on a destined path; perhaps you and I can help each other?

When I was twelve or thirteen I saw a spirit in my bedroom. I wasn’t at all afraid. It seemed perfectly natural. In the morning I described who I had seen to my Mother who recognized the description as my Grandmother who had passed on.

My mother as a clairvoyant, used to read tea-leaves for neighbors who popped in just for a cup of tea. She told me she read tea-leaves to predict the future because my Grandmother and two great aunts did that too as a way of life. I think my mother knew I was clairvoyant and would encourage me to learn how to read tea-leaves, dreams and tell fortunes, by placing gifts to develop my clairvoyance in my “Christmas stocking.”

Now, as a prolific writer on the subject, I am the author of several books and book kits, which have been popular in many countries including the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, and Japan among many others.