I have known Gillian Kemp for nearly 8 years and she has on many occasions given me readings when I have had difficulties in my life. I can honestly say that I have found her a very personable, knowledgeable, caring and understanding person, extremely intuitive and uncannily accurate in all of the readings she has given me. There have been many occasions when Gillian has touched on subjects and incidents that there is no way she would have had knowledge of them. I have found her support, with the readings has given me, offer sound advice and guidance on dealing with difficult situations in my life. If it hadn’t been for Gillian’s help, the path of my life could have been very different. I have no hesitation in recommending her skills and expertise to anyone else.

– Lots of Love to you and Rosie,

I last saw Gillian 7 years ago at a local village fair in my area, and have been looking to find her ever since!.

The details that I received during my first reading were amazingly accurate, and she told me information that no-one else would know. Gillian told me that my great nan had just passed away, and that her name was ‘Violet’, she described her in detail and my beloved cat that was with her.

Gillian went on to tell me events that would happen in my future including describing an events venue that I went to the following week. Gillian told me outright that I was a singer, and that my singing would take me abroad to live, which it did!.

Last year I was delighted when a friend told me that Gillian was once again at our local village fair, and rushed down immediately for a reading with her. Myself and my husband were at a low point in our life as he had just fallen out of work and had no sign of future work prospects. I arrived for my reading with Gillian who put me at ease right away. She told me of a new work outlook for my husband, and how it would bring financial security and rewards. She explained the place of prospective work in detail explaining a white factory on the river, near a church. A few months later my husband applied for a job which he now has in a large factory on the water with an old church on site!

Gillian told me of a pregnancy that she could see in the near future (which at the time I had no intention of having another child) and here I am now 7 months pregnant! :)

I can’t put into words how uplifted and positive I feel when having received a reading from Gillian. She is a kind soul who makes you feel at ease from meeting her. Gillian always gives you the opportunity to ‘ask’ any questions at the end of a reading, and its amazing how all of the cards drawn answer so accurately.
I have had the pleasure of recommending Gillian to lots of my friends who were all very impressed with her accuracy and grateful that she had the gift of picking up on close loved ones they had lost.

I wish Gillian every success in the future and recommend her to anyone who is unsure about which path to take, or who has worries about their future as you will leave ‘Positive’ and ‘Focused’ x

– Shana

I have spoken with Gillian many times over many years now; whether giving insight into the future or messages from the past and each time her readings has been exceptionally accurate. I can honestly say she is genuinely good at what she does; she definitely has the ability to amaze you with her insight and on numerous occasions I have rung her to say that things worked out exactly as she had predicted. Gillian has a very approachable manner; she is professional and honest in all her dealings and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

– Susan S.

I have visited Gillian on several occasions for readings and have always been impressed with the outcome.  Gillian is an extremely talented and accurate physic with an ability to put you at ease if you are feeling nervous.

When my Mother died, Gillian was able to communicate with her almost immediately after her death, my mother gave me words of comfort and told me she was happy as she was with my brother, her son.  Other family members have also come through with comments that confirm Gillian is no charlatan, she definitely knows her stuff!

Gillian has always provided me with an answer to a problem or question that I may have, either with work or in my personal life.  I will continue to visit Gillian whenever I feel I need my life getting back on the right track.

– Jacqui C.

I always thought clairvoyants and tarot card readers were mumbo-jumbo and never considered them with any respect. But after my father died I thought I would visit one of the Top Ten Psychics in the world.

My initial reaction on meeting Gillian Kemp was strange and cynical. She started by reading Tarot cards and then said that she saw my departed father sitting next to me. She described his appearance and instantly idiosyncratic ways. Messages and predictions Gillian passed from my deceased father to me have helped me in my career and personal life. All of Gillian’s predictions did indeed happen within six months. There is definitely something in what she does .I can’t explain it. It must be a gift. I can see why she is rated in the top ten.

– Richard H.

Although not totally skeptical about cartomancy and the occult (several generations of my family “knew stuff”) … the older I have got … the more charlatans I have encountered.  Then Gillian Kemp!  Initially, the reading was “normal” and could actually have applied to anyone … then BISH – BASH – BOSH … a string of comments and facts were mentioned, that could have “only” applied to me!  They were the sort of facts … only close family would know … or “wish” to know!  I won’t list the “string” of facts … as I said … only close family would “wish” to know them … and quite frankly … they’re the sort of facts “I” would wish only family to know … they’re personal!  Suffice to say though … should anyone wish to have their belief in “psychic ability” … “sixth sense” … “mediumship” … (call it what you will) endorsed … then visit Gillian Kemp!

– Paul Ritchie T.

A few years ago I experienced an unexpected marriage breakup resulting in divorce. I also suffered major discourse between family and friends and difficulties with business which led to a state of extreme low self esteem and despair. I was fortunate at that time to meet Gillian Kemp who gave me great comfort through her Psychic gift and ability to connect with the Spirit World. She immediately connected with me and was able to give me information and messages from my dead parents and friends who had departed.She even described my beloved Birman cats which had passed away some years before and was able to describe them in amazing detail down to the color of their fur and eyes.Her words of encouragement during a very detailed reading which involved Tarot Cards and a Crystal Ball enabled me to untangle the mess I was in and to see a way forward. The knowledge that there were people in the Spirit World helping and guiding me in the background gave me an enormous boost and good feeling to know that I was not alone .I have always had a faith in God and a belief in the afterlife and Gillian helped me to build on this faith to help myself and also other people.

She highlighted the problem areas in my life and gave me the courage to focus on the future.That dark period was over four years ago and without doubt if I am ever troubled or in need of advice or direction in matters of the heart, family or work, I go to see her. She has been the best and most accurate clairvoyant that I have ever visited and I can tell you that I have seen many.She is sincere and kind and will only tell you the truth according to what she sees. A reading with Gillian is always a pleasant experience and her professional manner puts you at ease and in a position to speak freely. I continue to see her in a professional capacity on a regular basis and have no hesitation in recommending her to others.She has become part of my life through her friendly nature so please take advantage of these words to visit her website and see for yourself what she can do for you. I promise you  will not be disappointed.

– Mrs Matchett Bedfordshire

Gillian has an extraordinary gift. Her ethical and honest approach is refreshing and her insight and sensitivity excellent.  Clear and forthright readings through her tarot and clairvoyance have proved to be not only accurate but provide reassurance where needed and thought provoking where changes need to be made or situations reviewed.

Gillian’s readings are a nurturing experience and give realistic advice and guidance on both a practical and spiritual level.

– Teresa A.

Thank you so much for the very accurate reading and time you devoted to myself and my daughter. We both know that my wife is in the spirit world, but we worried she was not with her family and our dog. You confirmed all was well and they are happy and content. You were so accurate in our readings and this has given us great comfort, and we came away feeling that a good deal of the sadness had been lifted from us and we are now better able to cope with life. We know they are always with us. Many thanks Gillian.

Best Wishes,

– James P. H. Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

I had not seen Gillian since our childhood and had had no contact during that time, and even though I occasionally read my horoscope in the newspapers these days, I was more than a little skeptical at the thought of a tarot card reading.  Gillian managed to quickly put me at ease, and explain the meanings of the cards in words which I could at once relate to. She listened patiently to any questions I had and went to great lengths to help me see what lay in store for me. I was starting to see how beneficial the reading could be to my happiness.

When she then suggested a psychic reading I was totally unprepared for what happened next. Not only did she appear to know some things about me which were surprising to put it mildly, but I was introduced to a spirit world that I had never before imagined. Some of the things Gillian pointed out were nothing short of amazing. She even described my first pet dog who was “sitting behind me,” and it was not long before I was told that my late mother had a message for me. I can honestly say that I was a little shaken by the closeness of the reading and took with me my mother’s words for the days and weeks that followed.

All in all I can only say fantastic, a highly rewarding experience to be hugely recommended.

Lee Phillips