Soul and Spirit Magazine issue 29th
June 2010

Sleepy Spell

Gillian Kemp, author of The Love Spell Book: Potions for Passion and Recipes for Romance (Orion £9.99), recommends a spell to attract a new romance.

“Cast a spell on a night when the new moon is a crescent in the sky. Place a pink rose and a red rose in a narrow-stemmed vase. At a few minutes before midnight, sprinkle three drops of rose oil in the vase’s water. Within 14 days a new person will enter your life. If you like this person, place the roses in a clean, white envelope. Sleep with the envelope under your pillow and speak the name of your intended three times before going to sleep. You will draw your desired to you.”

Your Cat Magazine
February 2009

THIS MONTH – Love is in the air

Bewitch the one you love with a spell from The Good Cat Spell Book by Gillian Kemp.
This is a good springtime spell to perform when love is in the air and your feline friend is moulting and feeling frisky. You will need:
Fur from your cat’s brush
Clean white paper
A pen or pencil
One pink candle
One blue candle
A saucer
Cat milk or water

Brush your cat or stroke his fur. Remove the fur from the brush or your fingers and place it on an unused piece of white paper. With your cat present, light the pink candle to represent yourself and a blue candle to represent the one you love.

Write you name on a small piece of white paper and the name of the one you desire beneath yours. Sprinkle cat fur over your names and fold the paper into a small envelope shape to contain the fur. Burn the paper in both flames while saying:
“As fur burns in this flame,
Into your mind enters my name.
As your name burns,
To me your heart turns.
During my cat’s nocturnal hours,
(name of cat) will work on you his magical powers.
I will be in your dreams while you rest,
Until you grant my love request.”

Place the paper in the saucer to reduce to ashes and play with your cat while the candles burn. Tell him you know he will help you to win the heart of the one you desire. Snuff the candles out. Bury the ash. Wash the saucer and pour some cat milk or water into it for your cat to drink.
Priced at £11.99 this book is published by Crossing Press in hardback.

Take a break’s fate & fortune
June 2005

Tree Magick Book

Whatever you’re looking for in life, the answers can be found in the rustling of leaves, the scent of fresh blossom of even the taste of forbidden fruit. Discover how your future will branch out with out spiritual guide to interpreting the ancient wisdom of tree.

Many people believe trees are spiritual guardians of ancient wisdom, possessing legendary powers of healing and insight. As intermediaries between heaven and earth they can convey messages from both realms. Not surprisingly, in times gone by they were regarded as magical beings and worshipped for their wisdom and ability to give guidance to those seeking their fortune. Now, using our Tree Magick Oracle, you too can tap into the magical, mystical forces of these powerful plants. The Oracle works like a tarot reading, wit each Tree Magick card bearing a message, which, when read wit the other cards in a spread, provides an overall picture or reading. So what are you waiting for! If you have burning questions in your life or you are simply looking for guidance, seek your answer in the wisdom of the trees.

Little, Brown New York Times
February 13th 2003

The Love Magick Book

Practical is Little, Brown’s Love Magick Book – Potions for Passion and Recipes for Romance by Gillian Kemp. “A Passion Potion is light a pink candle, anoint with vervain and frankincense oils. Pour equal amounts of rose and violet water into the bottle and shake, not stir in front of flame. Dabbed on your pulse points, it will attract passion, absolutely.”

Sunday Mirror November 4th 2001
I PUT A SPELL ON ME by Natasha Courtenay-Smith

The Fortune-Telling Book

Take a quick look at my life and you think it’s pretty much on course. I’ve got my health, my family, my friends, my work, my cat and a lovely little Fiat Punto. I’ve also got a new dress and a pair of Jimmy Choos shoes to match and I’m in a state of high excitement anticipating wearing them for the first time. But I’ve got no boyfriend. I’ve heard enough lines from various men: “it’s not you, it’s me,” and “I love you, I’m just not in love with you.” (yawn) to last me three lifetimes.

Are You My Dream Lover – The Spell

Take five fresh bay leaves and five safety pins. Pin one bay leaf to the centre of your pillow and remaining four leaves to each corner. During the night you will dream of your future lover. I couldn’t contain my excitement the next day when I woke up and realized my future lover was about to be revealed to me. My dream had been somewhat strange though. I’d been invisible throughout unless I’d been wearing special shoes. I’d been clawing at walks trying to heave myself into the shoes, which were surrounded by candles, and I couldn’t. Then a cat had scratched my face, the shoes vanished and I was invisible. Yes, you’re right. The dream made no sense. Then I saw that perhaps there was a message in the dream. Staying at home alone, slowly going mad while surrounded by candles is no way to find a man. The way forward was clear. To be more visible, put on that new dress and those Jimmy Choos and get out more.

Little, Brown and Company

Good Witch Bad Witch

“I wanted to send you these pictures so you could see what an inspiration Good Witch Bad Witch already is around here. Every year the city of Boston has an event called “Chalk One Up for the Arts.”

Local businesses “buy” squares in front of City Hall and get judged on their artwork. The proceeds donated by the businesses go to a fund for providing art instruction to children. This year, the first time, we’ve been so distinguished we won First with a rendition of Good Witch Bad Witch. The kids loved it. The adults were very proud of it. We are all very amateur here so we were impressed with the results. Just goes to show you what a great subject can inspire you to do.

Chat It’s Fate Magazine

Faerie Wisdom

Faerie tale.

Let the faeries answer all your questions about your life and future. Gillian Kemp reveals the meanings of 52 magic message cards in Faerie Wisdom. £12.99 for Book and Card set.

Los Angeles Times
February 10th 1999

LIGHT READING – A Spellbinder

Who says the full moon has magic powers, or that wishing on a star makes dreams come true? Romanies – nomadic tribes people from Kashmir and Afghanistan were some of the first to believe such superstitions. Now Gillian Kemp has gathered their lore in “The Good Spell Book” (Little, Brown $14.95) a collection of love charms, health cures and other potions this group brought to Europe six centuries ago.

The book itself is a charmer, with pages decorated with flower petals and handwritten notes that give the feeling of a family treasure passed down through generations. The potions come straight from the Romanies, who have intrigued Gillian Kemp since she was a child. “They would come through our village door to door, selling charms,” she recalls of life in Buckinghamshire, England.

Gillian Kemp got to know the Romanies better as she researched her book and discovered a way of life filled with romance and adventure in which clairvoyance was not an unusual skill. She also learned how life takes on new coloration seen through Romany eyes. Looking for love, health, wealth or happiness, for example, requires basic kitchen skills. (Mix rosemary and almond oil with bay rum to treat bald spots.) Even luck can improve with closer attention to nature. (If you see a spider weaving its web in your window, expect good news about money.)

For the truly superstitious, Gillian Kemp points out that magic spells are all the more potent when cast on certain dates. On Feb 14, if an unmarried person puts a bay leaf under her pillow, that night she will dream of her true love.