Mermaids and Dolphins and magical creatures of the seas
Gillian Kemp Illustrations by Jacqui Mair
Pub Date: May 2007 Price: £10.99 (box set / book and 52 cards)

Mermaids and Dolphins and other mythical creatures of the sea are imbued with magic of the deep. The mermaid, mistress of fateful beauty, reveals what is known and what is hidden. Her gift of prophecy will help you divine the future. The dolphin, an ancient symbol of healing and salvation, appears with other power-creatures of the ocean to bring light and learning.

Mermaids and Dolphins includes color book for divination and 52 cards, each showing a magical sea creature with full interpretations and instructions on hot to lay them out for reading.

Author Details

GILLIAN KEMP is a clairvoyant and medium who uses astrology, tarot cards, a crystal ball and tea leaves. She is the author of The Good Spell Book, The Fortune-Telling Book, The Dream Book, The Love Spell Book, The Love Spell Box and and her recent book and card set Good Witch, Bad Witch, Faerie Wisdom and Tree Magik (Cico Books, 2002). More details can be found on

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Tree Magick
Publication Date: September, 2004 Price: £10.99 (book and 52 cards boxed)

Trees are the homes of supernatural spirits, nymphs and elemental divinities. Tree Magick presents 52 cards, with an individual tree and its fruit depicted on each. Divided into two suits, Heaven and Earth, every card carries a healing message that you can choose each day for inspiration and guidance, reflecting the challenges we face and offering enlightenment in every situation.

Clairvoyant and medium, Gillian Kemp, clearly shows how to use the cards as affirmations in the accompanying book, and includes six layouts to try should you choose to use the cards for meditation or future prediction. Along with the card meanings, you’ll also discover how to interpret the two ‘power’ Trees, or aces (one for each suit), and lure the lore of the trees into your past, present and future.

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Faerie Wisdom
Gillian Kemp Illustrations by Emma Garner
Pub Date: 25th September, 2003 Price: £10.99 (box set / book and 52 cards)

Gain entry into Fairyland!

Faeries and Fairyland have existed for as long as nature. The word “faeries” derives from the Latin fatae meaning “the fates”. Whenever you are in a state of transition, the 52 Faerie Wisdom cards will hear and answer your call for help by revealing your faerie blessed fate! Simply lay them out as Tarot cards to predict the future, or choose any faerie message card for a daily prediction – and gain entry into fairyland!

The four suits of cards are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each suit has a faerie queen and king, who rule the underworld of that season and its element. The cards encompass every aspect of faerie lore: Spring Faeries include The Leprechaun, who encourages mortals to understand elemental spirits; Summer Faeries include The Gnome, underground creatures who help plants to grow; Autumn Faeries include the troll, who lives under the earth, healing the roots of the trees; and Winter Faeries include the merpeople, busy faeries who live around wildflowers; Every card holds a unique faerie message, which can be used for a daily prophecy of faerie presence.

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Good Witch, Bad Witch
Cico Books
Publication Date 17th October 2002
Price £10.99 (box set)
Published to coincide with Halloween!

BEWITCH YOUR CRUSH, turn an ex lover’s breath foul, banish arguments between you and your mate, or expel worry from your life. Bestselling author Gillian Kemp has conjured up another success in Good Witch, Bad Witch: Sweet Spells and Dark Charms, a book and card kit which, with a little hocus-pocus, will let you revel in delicious devilment against your enemies or weave good white magic around you and your loved ones.

THIS FULLY ILLUSTRATED BOOK details charms and hexes that can be used on their own or, to cast a stronger spell, in conjunction with the cards. Making up the complete deck of fifty two whimsically illustrated cards, are two suits: Twenty six Good Witch cards and Twenty Six Bad Witch cards which represent our potential as both good and bad weavers of spells. Just remember, the Good Witch spells can turn toads into princes, but the Bad Witch cards invoke white mischief, turning your prince into a toad. It’s best not to confuse them!

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The Dream Book
Publication Date 2001

Learn how to unlock the secret messages hidden in your dreams in this beautiful new book from best-selling author and psychic Gillian Kemp.

Why do we dream?
What is a recurring dream?
What is a dream diary?
What does it mean to dream about flying?
Learn the answers to these questions and many more…


The mystic arts have always been a part of Gillian’s life. She was visited by the ghost of her grandmother at the age of 12 and her family are supernaturally gifted. She is an astrologer and psychic and learned gypsy lore first hand from some of the last remaining Romany groups in Britain. As a freelance journalist she has interviewed and told the fortunes of many celebrities and has contributed features to the Daily Mail, Sunday Express, News of the World and to a wide range of magazines including Bella, Take a Break, Woman’s Own, Women’s Weekly, Best and OK. Gillian was the resident astrologer for That’s Life, Baby magazine and Your Health.
Gillian also toured with P&O as a guest lecturer in astrology and regularly appears at private parties and corporate functions as a clairvoyant. Her white magic spells have touched the lives of many people. These wonderful charms can be found in the bestselling The Good Spell Book. Her other titles include The Fortune-Telling Book, The Love Spell Box, and Good Witch – Bad Witch.
Also by the author The Good Spell Book – Over 140,000 copies sold!