The Fortune Telling Book

Filled with practical advice, gypsy folklore, and both ancient and modern divinations, this lavishly illustrated primer reveals the future to all those who believe and shows how to employ crystal balls, tea leaves, and playing cards to predict the future. Full color. Review

Following on from her unexpected success with The Good Spell Book, Kemp stays in that novelty/gift book market with an appealing cloth-bound volume decked out with ribbon page marker, “hand-written” special recommendations (“If you don’t have a crystal ball, use a bowl of water”) and a smattering of floral illustration as a suitably decorative way to encourage divination. While it might not really be possible to locate your future partner with an apple seed, it’s fun to experiment along with cartomancy, candle magic, dice, tea leaves and even bay leaf prediction. This is fun, makes an attractive present, and ties in with the surge of interest in all things esoteric and alternative. As astrologer Kemp concludes, “Beautiful and wonderful things do happen, we attract them to us by living in the hope and expectation of them.”

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